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The Grand Dunman built a transportation system that provided access to top-notch amenities from the Central Business District

Jul 10

On Dunman Road, a brand-new mega-residence called Grand Dunman is being built. It will contain about 1040 residential apartments. Near The Grand Dunman Singapore are a number of well-known locations, including the National Stadium, Water Sports Center, Singapore Indoor Stadium, Singapore Sports Hub, Kallang Theatre, and OCBC Aquatic Center.

The Grand Dunman, a brand-new 99-year leasehold building in Singapore's District 15, is conveniently located close to station 1 on the Dakota Metro Rail (CC8), a part of the Circle Line that connects to all of Singapore. This property is only one block away from several well-known business districts, including Katong Shopping Centre, I12 Katong, and Parkway Parade, on the east.

The Grand Dunman is in the same district as a brand-new city-fringe house located in District 15.It's one of Singapore's most sought-after home developments. 

The environmentally-friendly Grand Dunman offers calm, tranquility, and a stunning location to relax in a serene way. Its Dakota MRT Station is around 100m from the property. Because of its position along the Circle Line, Dakota MRT Station gives easy access to the city's central area.


This story starts with your where you live. The location you'd like to reside in is just as important as the lifestyle you'll live living there. It is possible to enhance the look of your home and create an environment that is comfortable with the help of the architectural design known as the Grand Dunman design. It is essential to build a house that can last the years and rely on the external surroundings.

There are one to five bedrooms in The Grand Dunman. SingHaiYi Group will get a chance to showcase their expertise in both architecture and landscape design due to the scale of the area. provides stunning views and plenty of cross-ventilation.

The house serves as a location to rest your head and shoulders as well as a storage facility for a lifetime of memories. In a tranquil, healthy environment where the family's welfare and development are the top priorities, both you and the family will be satisfied. Nothing makes you happier than completing a project with your family. Additionally, there are worse places to establish roots.

Mutiple the top schools such as Kong Hwa School, Tanjong Katong Girls School Haig Girls School Chun Cheng High School and even international schools like Eton International and Canadian International are situated within Grand Dunman.

The hotel's new location in Singapore District 15 will provide lavish amenities, contemporary style and breathtaking views, and the best standard medical facilities, in addition to its vast green spaces. SingHaiyi Group is a growing multifaceted business that places an accent on managing real estate and development, in addition to administration and investments.

The core of this group of executive members who are able to efficiently connect with clients and offer plenty of details that give them to gain access to incredible and exclusive investments.

SingHaiyi has expanded its scope beyond the public housing industry to include commercial and residential development in Singapore and across the globe. They have an extensive track record of success in the real estate development field of real property. At the beginning of January, they had completed their first residential development. Prior to the privatization process in 2022 SingHaiyi Group was traded publicly on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange.

The location is in Dunman Road, close to the Dakota MRT Station. Thanks to the Circle Line's lines that connect interchanges with every MRT Line around the country and linking the Dakota MRT Station and the Circle Line, Singaporeans have access to every part of the city.

There are the Kallang Wave Mall, Paya Lebar Square, Paya Lebar Quaters 112 Katong as well as Parkway Parade, which offer various entertainment options and are located near everything you require. The journey begins with the essentials of life, and concludes with the most luxurious of luxurious.

People living in Dunman Grand can have access to healthy and fresh foods, as well as local stores and eateries. It is possible to visit the Old Airport Road Market and Food Centre in Dunman Grand, in which there is a variety of local cuisines that are popular within five minutes of walking. There are a variety of establishments offering beverages and food within Grand Dunman area, including Geyland Serai Market, Marine Parade Food Centre and Dunman Food Centre, all in a matter of minutes.